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marketrove provides marketing outsourcing to startups and enterprises by a full-stack outsourced marketing department, also known as on-demand marketing team, that acts as the existing department's extension or as a new centre of excellence.

Benefits of an Outsourced Marketing Department

2020 changed everything, for pretty much everyone across the globe. The Covid-19 pandemic vindicated the stance of global outsourcing firms that have long advocated the viability of having offshore department extensions. Marketing is a no-brainer in this scenario. Here are 3 simple reasons why you should go for an outsourced marketing unit and never look back.

Cost Benefit

There are two types of costs that you most probably incur on your marketing function. First and most common, the human resource cost including salaries, visas, insurance etc. and Second, costs incurred on agencies for designing, branding and maintenance of marketing assets. An offshore marketing unit frees up cash for actual marketing campaigns that drive customers and bring your overall cost down by a whopping 90%.

100% Control

There are plenty of brilliant agencies out there but for them, you are just another account - a dollar figure that could go away with the next tender. When you have your own team, you ostensibly own a small but highly specialized agency that is 100% committed to you and your brand, and will not work on anything else. Imagine the creative control and systemic harmony this brings back into your hands!

Turnaround Time

Time is money. An outsourced marketing unit with 3-4 specialists can outperform a full-stack agency with more than 100 employees for time, quality of work and overall performance. We ensure you get the right person for the job, one that understands your industry, brand and your passion. The result? Lightning fast turnaround time and Tier-1 quality.

Sustainable Offshore Marketing

100% customized teams hired for your specific needs

Understanding your customers, their habits and quirks is at the core of good marketing. Being able to measure these efforts further helps in assessing true effectiveness of campaigns. Add to these tasks the complex world of digital technology and you feel the world around you spinning. These tasks require specialized skills and expertise. Imagine: To create a brilliant campaign, you need to be a copywriter, graphics designer, social media expert, strategist, software guru and more. Offshore Marketing teams provide these skills and expertise under one umbrella, and at astoundingly low cost.

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